Evo VI – Fitting Powerflex Poly Gearbox Steady

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015)

I’d thought for a little while there might be a bit much engine movement so I looked into ways of reducing the movement. I saw those top mounted engine torque dampers which are a nice shiny thing to stick in the engine bay but it seems most of them are only that as they’re not a damper at all and just have rubber bushes inside. Didn’t seem worth the money they are for some rubber bushes and a bit of shiny ali. I thought it would be a better plan to actually address the problem at it’s cause, that being the bushes themselves. So I found those torx roll stopper things but they sound like they are a bit over the top for a road car and transfer noise into the cabin so I thought I’d just try fitting a poly bush in the front lower mount to start with. So it would be a bit like fitting a roll stopper but not as hard.

So out came the north south bar underneath. This was a bit of a pig with limited space underneath to get at the bolts. I need a proper lift!!!



The smaller rear looks to be in pretty good condition.


The front one didn’t look so good.


Cutting the bush out


IMAG1658_zpsyhfogodi (1)

IMAG1659_zpshpfvi79t (1)

Gave the bar a tidy up as it was out

IMAG1662_zpszxpkd5ry (1)

New bush fitted

IMAG1665_zps3p9redfb (1)

Another fight under the car to get the bar back in place and it’s all done.

IMAG1666_zpshh4rfqnr (1)

Just replacing this one bush gave a noticeable improvement in reducing movement and no noticeable increase in noise transferred to the cabin.

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