Evo VI – More Cavity Wax

I did a load of cavity waxing before but it was a bit awkward with the car on axle stands. Now I have much better access underneath I thought I’d go finding all the holes I could to fill with Noxudol 700 cavity wax. This is a messy job so I only took a few […]

Evo VI – Carbon Mitsubishi Badge

I modified the original front Mitsubishi badge years ago by painting it white and using some carbon wrap over the 3 diamonds. It was starting to look a bit ropey though. Couldn’t find a carbon badge with the right fitting for the front so I made one, sort of. I bought an adhesive carbon badge […]

Evo VI – New Koyorad Radiator

The Evo has only ever let me down once before when the bottom aux belt pulley failed. Well this was the second time. The radiator sprung a leak! It’s either a total coincidence or is something to do with being drained and refilled when I did the timing belt and water pump. Either way it […]

Evo VI – Replacement Bonnet Catch

On the second day of our holiday in The Lake District, I thought I’d check the oil before we set off for the day and the bonnet catch broke meaning the bonnet wouldn’t shut. Nice! After a quick look I could see the spring that held the secondary latch in position was gone. So it […]

Evo VI – Fitting Powerflex Poly Gearbox Steady

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) I’d thought for a little while there might be a bit much engine movement so I looked into ways of reducing the movement. I saw those top mounted engine torque dampers which are a nice shiny thing to stick in the engine bay but it seems most […]

Evo VI – Which Coilovers to Buy?

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2015) I’d been thinking of changing the Tein coilovers for something different for a while as they always felt a bit ‘crashy’ and were pretty old. So I spent some time reading MLR and other forums about various options such as going back to original springs and dampers, […]