MX5 – Exedy Clutch Upgrade

As far as I knew the clutch in the MX5 was nothing special. It had clearly been replaced at some point but I had no idea what with or how long ago. So I knew there was a chance it might not be able to handle the additional torque the supercharger setup was going to […]

MX5 – Supercharger Overheating the Power Steering Fluid

Well this problem could probably have been predicted! The outlet of the supercharger is quite close to the power steering fluid reservoir and obviously the supercharger outlet gets quite hot so on a few occasions the power steering fluid overflowed a little, I assume just due to it expanding with the heat and it was […]

MX5 – Supercharger Build Finished

I think it might be finished or at least as finished as any project can be. I had a bit of a move around of gauges inside. I found having the wideband gauge low down a bit of a problem when trying to catch a look at it to keep an eye on fueling while […]

MX5 – Recirculating Dump Valve Problem

When I built the supercharger setup I decided to use a cheap recirculating single piston dump valve to vent boost when coming off the throttle and stop the charger boosting at idle. I chose this over a buttefly valve as fitted to the original Mini supercharger setup for two reasons. Firstly the dump valve was […]

MX5 – Time to get the Supercharger back on

Having got the garage done and the Evo ready for sale I could finally get back to the the MX5 supercharging project I almost finished last year but just ran out of time. So I got everything out of storage in the roof of the garage and tried to remember how I’d put it all […]

MX5 – Dual Throttle Position Sensor

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) I will only need it if/when I get as far as running injectors directly from the DET3 but I thought I’d see what I could do about providing a proper variable TPS for the DET3 while keeping the OEM 3 state TPS for the OEM ECU. […]

MX5 – DET3 Intake Air Temperature Sensor

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) Made some progress with the DET3.  It’s been a bit slow as I’m just taking one step at a time and trying to always give myself a working state to fall back on if things don’t go well with each progression. When I eventually remove the […]

MX5 – ECUMaster DET3 Wiring

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in April 2016) Having received my ECU Master DET3 I then had to figure out how to wire the thing in.  Like I said I couldn’t find any mx5 specific info for wiring a DET3 but there are example wiring diagrams in the DET3 manuals and obviously there’s plenty […]