Evo VI – For Sale – Sold

Evo ownership has been awesome but I’ve owned the Evo for over 5 years now and it’s time to move on. I’ve done plenty to it in that time from simple maintenance to power upgrades. It’s slowly become better and better but now I’ve sort of run out of things I want to do to […]

Evo VI – More Cavity Wax

I did a load of cavity waxing before but it was a bit awkward with the car on axle stands. Now I have much better access underneath I thought I’d go finding all the holes I could to fill with Noxudol 700 cavity wax. This is a messy job so I only took a few […]

Evo VI – New Koyorad Radiator

The Evo has only ever let me down once before when the bottom aux belt pulley failed. Well this was the second time. The radiator sprung a leak! It’s either a total coincidence or is something to do with being drained and refilled when I did the timing belt and water pump. Either way it […]

Evo VI – Replacement Bonnet Catch

On the second day of our holiday in The Lake District, I thought I’d check the oil before we set off for the day and the bonnet catch broke meaning the bonnet wouldn’t shut. Nice! After a quick look I could see the spring that held the secondary latch in position was gone. So it […]

Evo VI – Road Trip Around The Lake District

With the main construction of the garage finished, meaning the rest of the work was just down to us, we thought we’d have a late summer holiday. The few months of total lack of spare time and constant disruption meant we could really do with a break. We’d been invited to a wedding we’d have […]

Evo VI – Fitting Powerflex Poly Gearbox Steady

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) I’d thought for a little while there might be a bit much engine movement so I looked into ways of reducing the movement. I saw those top mounted engine torque dampers which are a nice shiny thing to stick in the engine bay but it seems most […]

Evo VI – Shiny gearknob and Oils Service

(First posted on MLR forum in February 2013) been playing with other cars, mainly my girlfriends Mini, but got some stuff done to the evo too….. hated the look and mostly feel of the original gear knob so got a new one. wish i’d done it ages ago! Decembers 6 month 3k service. this is […]