Evo VI – Powerflex Engine Mounts

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) After doing a few more miles I still wasn’t fully happy with the engine movement. It had definitely improved with the addition of the poly bush at the front of the gearbox but I wanted it better. Again, I’m not really interested in those shiny engine torque […]

Evo VI – Fitting Powerflex Poly Gearbox Steady

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) I’d thought for a little while there might be a bit much engine movement so I looked into ways of reducing the movement. I saw those top mounted engine torque dampers which are a nice shiny thing to stick in the engine bay but it seems most […]

Evo VI – Front Lower Arm Super Pro Poly Bushes

(First posted on MLR forum in May 2014) While checking for any movement in the suspension, prior to MOT time, I noticed a small amount of movement in the pass’ side ball joint. I doubt it would have even been noticed in the MOT but that’s not the point really is it. These don’t come […]

Evo VI – Rear Lower Arm Powerflex Bushes

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2012) There was a bit of play in the inner and outer bushes of the lower rear arms. Not too bad but I hate it when things move that shouldn’t so got some replacement powerflex bushes. I know the standard ones are spherical/rose joints which are good for […]