A Curtain to Protect Jem’s Mini from Garage Mess

I can make quite alot of mess and dust in the garage especially when doing things like cutting/grinding metal or spraying paint. That mess will just end up all over Jem’s Mini, even if it’s covered up, it can get through and I don’t really want to fill the cover with metal dust when I’m […]

The Garage is Finished

…..well sort of. There are a few more things I’d like to do but as it is I’m finally using the garage properly to get some car stuff done! A few pictures of how it looks now. So glad it’s finally ready to use.

Garage ‘Multimedia Web Access Solution’

Well you’ve got to have some tunes on in the garage but being stuck with just a radio is a bit old fashioned and lacking in choice. I’ve also had old laptops available to get internet access in the garage for years as it can be so useful. So I thought I’d come up with […]

Some Ramps for Silly Cars That Are Too Low

As the first car to go on the lift was James’ WRX, which is pretty low, it was clear to see there would be occasions when we’d need something to help some cars drive up on to the lift. Left over timber from the roof trusses was perfect to make some ramps.   Angles cut […]

Garage Lighting and Power

Now I’m going to need some proper lighting so I can actually see what I’m doing. Far too often I’ve worked in garages with inedequate lighting so I’ve ended up struggling with torches and battery lights that run out or floodlights that get hotter than the sun an inch from my face. Well not in my […]

Garage Storage Cupboard

I’d been looking out for some kind of storage to go in the back corner of the garage but nothing came up that was quite right. I had a fair bit of board left from boarding the roof space though so I figured I’d just make something.  This way I could also build it around […]

Bespoke Garage Door

Fortunately I was able to reuse the old garage doors and frame by trimming them down and the space left is large enough to be able to get Jem’s Mini through so all we needed was a door to fill the gap that matched the original ones.  Ordinarily the cost of having a quality door […]

Building a Workbench

Jem’s dad was having his kitchen surfaces replaced so guess who got the old ones. Some old roof timbers, some spare OSB and some coach bolts to put the basic structure together.   Kitchen worktop cut down to fit on top.   A couple of vices fitted.   This wasn’t really planned but I had […]

boarding and insulating the garage roof

I wanted to board in the roof of the garage for a couple of reasons.  Firstly so I could make good use of the roof space for storage and secondly to allow me to insulate the garage.  Insulating the roof space would obviously go a little way towards keeping the garage a more comfortable temperature […]

painting the garage walls

Having white walls really helps spread light around so it’s well worth doing. We thought it was a bit of a shame to completely cover the nice bricks though. So we didn’t paint the pillars we just PVA’d them to keep them from being dusty, while the rest was given 2 coats of masonry paint. […]