Jem’s Mini – Injection Inlet Manifold Water Leak

Well the heater matrix pipes weren’t the only thing to suffer corrosion in the cooling system. While I was under the car having a usual nose around I spotted some water where it shouldn’t be and eventually decided it could only be coming from the back of the inlet manifold though I wasn’t quite sure […]

Jem’s Mini – Steering Rack Boots

There were a few little jobs that needed doing on Jem’s Mini that I’d been putting off but they’re much less of a chore now I have the lift so I was happy enough to get them done. This won’t do. Same the other side. Pair of replacements. Old boot off, joint cleaned out and […]

Jem’s Mini – Heater Matrix Water Leak

I got a lot of work done to Jem’s Mini a few years ago in replacing and repairing the inner and outer sills on both sides and welding some repairs in a couple of other areas but since then I’ve just done the bare minimum of a general check with the odd small job prior […]

Jem’s Mini – Roll Cage Fitting

We always wanted to put a roll cage in Jem’s Mini for a bit of additional safety and to improve the rigidity of the shell. But I couldn’t fit one to the car with the old sills in the rusty state they were, it would have been pointless. Well since I’d replaced the sills I […]

Jem’s Mini – Plasti Dip Grille

Jem and I both really like the idea of having a complete carbon grille and headlight surrounds on her Mini which wasn’t even an option when we fitted carbon bumpers and arches over 10 years ago but now you can get more carbon bits for Mini’s than ever before. The only problem is the carbon […]

Jem’s Mini – Proper Clean, Polish and Wax

Jem’s Mini had been trapped at the back of the garage the whole time the front was being extended and then stuck in it’s new space while we did all sorts of building work around it, waiting for the new garage door. Although it was covered, it got pretty dusty and messy especially with concrete and […]