Evo VI – Squeal Squeak Rattle Clunk Thud. What was that???

(First posted on MLR forum in May 2014)

I use my Evo every day for work and it’s been faultless until a few weeks ago when, on my way to work, the bottom pulley decided it would rather be in two separate parts!

It made quite a thud as the outer part let go and knackered the belt. After a bit of research I found out this isn’t that uncommon at all on older Evo’s and plenty of other manufacturers cars.



After reading some not so great things about the aftermarket ali pulleys you can get, I bought a genuine Mitsu bottom pulley.


I also read that the bearing in the tensioner can be problematic so fitted a new bearing.


old bearing pressed out with new to go in


back together ready to refit


it was also about service time so did that while i was underneath it


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