S1 Elise – Clutch Slave Cylinder Support Bracket

When I was buying all the suspension refresh bits, for some reason I decided to buy one of these. An Elise Parts clutch slave cylinder support bracket. Apparently the original bracket can be a bit weak and bendy. I figured I’d may as well fit it while I had the air filter out the way.


So here’s the clutch slave cylinder. I’ve removed one bolt to replace it with the longer bolt supplied.


Like so. Easiest to do them one at a time as nothing will move then.


And the other one.


The view from underneath with the extra length of the bolts now allowing the bracket to be mounted to them.


The other supplied bolt put in place through the hole in the gearbox.


Support bracket fitted over the two longer bolts and supplied nuts fitted.


Larger supplied bolt fitted though gearbox and into bracket.


View of it through the left rear wheel arch. As I have the luxury of a lift I could get access from above and below which was all I needed for fitting the support bracket. If I couldn’t get underneath then I would remove the wheel arch liner to gain access through here.


I can’t say I noticed any difference with this bracket fitted but I guess the original bracket was fine and I suppose this additional support will prevent it ever becoming a problem.