S1 Elise – Gearbox Oil Change

While I had the Elise up on the lift and was working in the area with the induction setup and clutch slave cylinder bracket I thought it was a good opportunity to do a quick gearbox oil change.

Apparently this is the stuff to use in the PG1 gearbox. Motul Gear 300 75W90.


The drain plug on the bottom of the gearbox/diff housing.


I would always check the fill plug can be slackened before removing the drain plug and draining any oil though. Not much point draining it if you can’t refill it.

Oil draining. Looks nice and clean but gearbox oil usually is.


Once it was fully drained I removed the fill plug. It’s slightly awkward to get at but an extension through the sub frame reached fine.


A very useful pump for this kind of thing. It came in very useful in the days of Evo ownership with the gearbox, transfer box, diff and AYC oil changes required.


Keep pumping oil in until it spills out the fill point.


This takes a while and can be a bit messy but it works.


Fill plug back in when it’s full then forget about it for a while.