Evo VI – Fitting the Forge Actuator and Boost Control Solenoid

(First posted on MLR forum in June 2014)

R-spec 3 port solenoid fitted.    (wiring not connected yet as I will wait until it’s being mapped)


Next.  New genuine Thermostat and Forge actuator.

(new stat purely cos the original is quite old and they can get sluggish or fail when they’re old. So for the sake of 35 quid I thought a new one was worth it when the engine was going to be producing more power soon)


old leaky one has to go


now came some troubles. the forge actuator was not a very good fit. I went and checked lots of pics to make sure I had received the right one and make sure I definitely had a 6 turbo and actuator on the car. sure enough everything was as it should be just the actuator shaft was not really the right shape. After comparing the original along side the Forge I made some adjustments to the Forge shaft so that when it was fitted to the car it would come out of the actuator straight, as it should.


Once I had it fitted I used a couple of bar from my compressor to activate it and make sure it moved completely freely and didn’t touch anything. It was slightly touching the exhaust shield so that just need spacing out a couple of mm. Finally got it all tip top and plumbed into the solenoid.


Next, off to see Bob and Lee at Dynotech for some more gg’s …….

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