Evo VI – Back to the Dyno for More Power

(First posted on MLR forum in June 2014)

After fitting the new bits, obviously a remap was in order. So I made another visit to Dynotech to hand it over to Bob and Lee to unleash a few more horses



Boost increased to a perfectly safe 1.4 bar for 340ftlb and 346bhp which I’m pretty happy with. Bob and Lee were happy those are just the kind of figures expected though Lee said, as it was a very hot day, the figures were probably a bit lower than what it will actually be producing most of the time.

The extra power is certainly noticeable but more so is the increase in torque low down. It just pulls harder in the higher gears which is what really matters for normal driving and overtaking as it’s my daily drive and I don’t tend to do too many ’emergency starts’ on my way to work

It also drives a bit nicer in general too, it’s subtle but certainly better so overall I’m very happy.


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