Evo VI – Some Plasti Dip, Some Paint and a New Battery

(First posted on MLR forum in December 2015)

So winter arrived and the battery started to struggle occasionally not helped by the fact I’ve been using it less. The battery brackets looked a bit tatty so I cleaned and painted them while they were off too.

Another little job… I repainted all the mesh when I first got the car but it had started to flake off again on the bonnet mesh so I thought I’d try redoing it but with some plasti-dip this time. I had some in the garage that my mate left after we did some bits on his scooby so perfect for trying on the mesh.

All the old stuff removed, this took ages! And the the rubber trim masked.

Some primer just to help the plasti-dip stick

Some Black to the Future on the rubber trim.

All done.

The paint on the duct was looking a bit ropey too so I repainted that. I also plasti-dipped the black plastic bit at the back of the vent as it always goes grey.

Ready for Primer

This always goes grey.

Not any more.

All looks much fresher now but I forgot to take any pictures of everything back together

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