Evo VI – Noxudol 700 Treatment

(First posted on MLR forum in October 2015)

Having done the outside of the sills etc it was time to get to the bits you can’t reach. After some interwebbing and reading a very helpful long term review by Practical Classics I decided Noxudol 700 was the stuff to get. It scored highly and buying in a can to spray with a compressor doesn’t work out too costly compared to others. It wasn’t that easy to find for sale in the UK but I got it from www.timbersave.co.uk in the end.

Firstly I had to get in there. Carefully heating these little black stickers allowed them to peel off easily. Also there’s a grommet at the lower front of the rear arch, forgot to take a picture of it but I took pictures through it later…


I wanted to clean in there to remove any flaky paint etc so I made this attachment for the vacuum. It did the job.


I bought a cheap sprayer thing off ebay to fit these cans. It sprays out a 360 degree fan and forward so covers anything near it.


When I wanted to target a few areas I put a bit of silicone hose over the end to cover the side holes.


Everything well covered inside.


A bit of heat on the stickers again and they stuck back on perfect. You’d never know they’d been disturbed.


Having been a classic Mini owner for around 15 years now I’ve used a fair bit of waxoil stuff before. Usually one of those tins you have to put in a bucket of warm water and pump out through a pipe which is pretty crappy. So I was thinking this might be a pain too and planned plenty of time to do the job. I was pleasantly surprised to find this extremely quick and easy to use. If you’re looking to do the same job and have a compressor then I really recommend the Noxudol 700.

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