Forester STI – Remapping by Race Dynamix at Surrey Rolling Road

Having completed the various other mods required to get the most out of the EJ255 (see here) in the Forester STI, it was time to get it remapped and see what could be got out of it.

From what I read, the guy to go it in my area, is Duncan of Race Dynamix. He is regularly at Surrey Rolling Road which is a little over an hour from me so I got a date booked and went along.





Power before the remap.


The result after some more boost.






I was really hoping to get near 370bhp but prepared to for it to be more like 350. So very pleased it reached 367bhp. That’s only a small part of the story though. For normal driving, it’s lower down the rev range that matters and the decent increase in torque that really notices, meaning I almost never rev the engine out. It just doesn’t feel necessary when, using the low down torque and feeling the surge as the turbo spools up, is just as much fun and probably just as quick for getting down a B road.