Evo VI – Undersealing the Rear End

(First posted on MLR forum in October 2015)

Having started work to keep rust at bay under the sills I moved on to the rear end next.

As always, where required I removed any previous underseal, paint and loose stuff. Then applied Hydrate 80, before paint then waited for that to dry properly before covering everything in underbody seal with waxoil.

Obviously the underseal applied before has had a harder time in certain lower areas being chipped and now flaking so needed stripping back first.

Lots of black hammerite paint

Getting in all the awkward bits

After leaving the paint to dry for a few days I came back to it to remove all the loose dust and dirt everywhere with a brush, an air line and some white spirit. Then I used this to spray the under body seal everywhere.

Nearly missed this bit!

Well that was not a fun job at all and it took ages but that’s the worst of it done. Still the front to do and internal bits to waxoil.

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