Evo VI – New Koyorad Radiator

The Evo has only ever let me down once before when the bottom aux belt pulley failed. Well this was the second time. The radiator sprung a leak! It’s either a total coincidence or is something to do with being drained and refilled when I did the timing belt and water pump.

Either way it was a bit of a pain but really can’t complain considering it’s an 18 year old car. I’m sure there are some 1 year old cars that have let their owners down plenty more than twice!

I checked out what rads were available out there. Found plenty of fancy all ali rads and some pretty cheap ones. I read that the standard rad is perfectly capable of handling the 350 bhp my Evo is producing and Koyo ones are very good, being supplied by plenty of Evo specialists, so that’s what I went for. Β Β£140 so not too pricey and would be no trouble to fit like some of the thicker all ali ones can be.

Despite having a drain plug in the rad there is always more to come out when you pop the hose off.


Fan off the old one. Didn’t realise they’re only bolted at the top so was easier to install the new rad in the car then fit the fan after.


Ready for the new rad.

Forgot to take a picture of it in but it’s in and there are no leaks now.

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