Evo VI – Rear Lower Arm Powerflex Bushes

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2012)

There was a bit of play in the inner and outer bushes of the lower rear arms. Not too bad but I hate it when things move that shouldn’t so got some replacement powerflex bushes. I know the standard ones are spherical/rose joints which are good for a track/rally car but, in my experience with my track mini, don’t always last all that long so aren’t the best for a daily drive. I went with the poly bushes for better longevity as I don’t really want to have to do this job again. They do feel very solid too.

Firstly I marked the camber adjustment on the subframe and washers to help me get the new bolts back as close as possible to make the alignment easier afterwards.




the bolts were well and truly rusted in which i kind of expected. cutting them out is not a fun job



I had to borrow a friends big press and large socket selection to press the bushes out. No trouble fitting the new ones though.



all fitted back up with new camber bolts and plenty of copper slip grease so they don’t get rusted in ever again


how the bolt came out. The rest is still stuck in the bush


same again the other side



need to check the alignment next…

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