S1 Elise – Suspension Refresh – Strip Down

As soon as I got the Elise I got it up on the lift for a good look over and found a few little jobs that needed doing including replacing some suspension parts like a ball joint and track rod ends at the front and a couple of toe link rod ends at the rear, […]

Forester STI – Whiteline Rear Anti Roll / Sway Bar

If you’re not already aware, A Subaru Forester is basically a jacked up Impreza with a slightly larger, boxy body. Those are the things that attracted me to one, the performance and tuning potential of an Impreza but with more space in the back for stuff. Being ‘jacked up’ and the ‘larger, boxy body’ both […]

S1 Elise – Front Ball Joint Replacement

The brake caliper needs to come off first, starting with the clamp for the brake hose. Then the two caliper bolts. With the disc off too next was the disc shield. As expected, the bolts were not keen on coming out. After cutting a slot in the head of the bolts I used my drill […]

Evo VI – Caster Angle Check

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) After spending a while tweaking the ride height and camber of the new coilovers I thought I’d check the caster to make sure everything is as it should be. The mount for the camber caster gauge is magnetic so I made some steel plates and extended wheel […]

Evo VI – Rear Lower Arm Powerflex Bushes

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2012) There was a bit of play in the inner and outer bushes of the lower rear arms. Not too bad but I hate it when things move that shouldn’t so got some replacement powerflex bushes. I know the standard ones are spherical/rose joints which are good for […]