garage floor paint

I’m not entirely sure what my long term plan for the floor is. Β I might yet cover the whole floor with industrial PVC tiles but, if I do, it’s still a fair way down my to do list. The problem is that, despite the garage not being quite finished it is still in use though it has to be said, lately mainly for the repair and modification of a certain Impreza WRX owned by Townie (my cars are being slightly neglected, at least compared to my usual standards of giving them constant attention).

One of the jobs was replacing the radiator on the Scooby which inevitably means coolant everywhere which might soak into the concrete and prevent paint sticking properly.




So I figured I’d better get some paint down before any oil or coolant could make a mess of the floor.




It’s surprising what a big difference it makes to the the look. Β It starts to look more tidy and heading towards finished when some paint goes on.

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