Garage ‘Multimedia Web Access Solution’

Well you’ve got to have some tunes on in the garage but being stuck with just a radio is a bit old fashioned and lacking in choice. I’ve also had old laptops available to get internet access in the garage for years as it can be so useful. So I thought I’d come up with […]

Garage Storage Cupboard

I’d been looking out for some kind of storage to go in the back corner of the garage but nothing came up that was quite right. I had a fair bit of board left from boarding the roof space though so I figured I’d just make something.  This way I could also build it around […]

Bespoke Garage Door

Fortunately I was able to reuse the old garage doors and frame by trimming them down and the space left is large enough to be able to get Jem’s Mini through so all we needed was a door to fill the gap that matched the original ones.  Ordinarily the cost of having a quality door […]

Building a Workbench

Jem’s dad was having his kitchen surfaces replaced so guess who got the old ones. Some old roof timbers, some spare OSB and some coach bolts to put the basic structure together.   Kitchen worktop cut down to fit on top.   A couple of vices fitted.   This wasn’t really planned but I had […]

boarding and insulating the garage roof

I wanted to board in the roof of the garage for a couple of reasons.  Firstly so I could make good use of the roof space for storage and secondly to allow me to insulate the garage.  Insulating the roof space would obviously go a little way towards keeping the garage a more comfortable temperature […]

painting the garage walls

Having white walls really helps spread light around so it’s well worth doing. We thought it was a bit of a shame to completely cover the nice bricks though. So we didn’t paint the pillars we just PVA’d them to keep them from being dusty, while the rest was given 2 coats of masonry paint. […]

Jadd Gatekeeper

It’s windy round here and big wooden doors flailing around in the wind next to the precious cars is not good!  So I had drilled a couple of holes in the concrete drive to stick the doors drop bolts in when I open them and keep them from swinging into things.  The problem with a […]

removing a couple more roof joists in the garage roof

When I drew the plans for the extension of the garage I could see that the increased roof height in the rebuilt section of roof would be fine for shorter cars like the Mini but the joists of the original roof structure would be an obstruction to lifting average length cars like the Evo.  I didn’t […]

making a concrete ramp into the garage

There was a step up of about 100mm from the drive to the garage floor.  That’s quite a lot for very low cars so any ramp would need to be quite a gentle gradient to be able to get anything low in and out without too much fuss. We’d been using some old bits of […]

garage floor paint

I’m not entirely sure what my long term plan for the floor is.  I might yet cover the whole floor with industrial PVC tiles but, if I do, it’s still a fair way down my to do list. The problem is that, despite the garage not being quite finished it is still in use though […]