Garage ‘Multimedia Web Access Solution’

Well you’ve got to have some tunes on in the garage but being stuck with just a radio is a bit old fashioned and lacking in choice. I’ve also had old laptops available to get internet access in the garage for years as it can be so useful. So I thought I’d come up with something that would give me loads of music choice and web access.

So my complete ‘Garage Multimedia Web Access Solution’ is comprised of;

Raspberry Pi3
TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender
Logitech K400 Wireless Keyboard
Flat Screen HDTV
Cambridge Audio Bluetooth Speaker


Quick test setup to check everything works


Wall mount bracket for the TV


Quite a nice fit on the available wall space.


All sorted with cables arranged neatly and air line feed for the lift fitted complete with regulator and moisture trap.



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