the car lift arrives and it’s the heaviest thing in the world


Yes! The lift arrived!  But…..  now it was stranded at the end of the drive and I couldn’t even lift the top box on my own to carry it up to the garage.  So if the box on the top was that heavy, how heavy were the bits underneath going to be?!?!


My mate James aka Townie popped round after work to give me a hand and we moved the top and middle boxes together. We got to the two platforms on the bottom and it turns out I had underestimated quite how heavy they were going to be.  The two of us lifted one end together about 6 inches before quickly putting it down again. We both looked at each other with the same look of ‘that’s not happening’.

So a plan, other than carrying them up to the garage, was figured out.  Fortunately I was able to borrow a manual pallet truck but first we had to fetch it. So we went and borrowed the Landy from my father in law aka Mr Nick and the quad bike trailer to fetch the pallet truck and got back with just enough light to get the job done.



This was still quite a struggle as it’s uphill and we dropped the wheels off the edge of the boards a couple of times so the truck got beached.



We got Jem out to help with the final push up into the garage.



Success, time for dinner at last. 🙂



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