Previous Minis – The Turbo

At the time of owning my Cooper RSP the whole Max Power thing with big sound systems, Playstations and body kits was the fashion for car modifying. I was never a fan of the silly body kits, certainly not on a Mini! But I wasn’t immune from the Max Power effect so did the whole […]

Previous Minis – Rover Mini Cooper RSP

I’d loved owning my first Mini, modifying it, breaking it, fixing it, driving it like I stole it and there was just no other car I really wanted. But my first Mini was all I could afford at the time and it was cheap for a reason, many reasons actually. I wanted something better and […]

Previous Minis – My First Mini

As a child all my time went on building Lego Technic models and the odd model car plus riding, falling off and fixing bikes. So my interest in cars and building them isn’t a great surprise. In my teenage years though I sort of lost interest in those things and wasn’t particularly into cars. So […]


Hi Messing around with cars is purely a hobby. I created this site because it’s a great way of sharing what I do and learn along the way. I hope that it helps people out there whether they are a total novice looking to learn more and gain some confidence to get stuck into something […]

S1 Elise – Finding and Buying my Series 1 Lotus Elise

Finding and Buying my Series 1 Lotus Elise After finishing the MX5 and enjoying the increase in power for a good while it was time for a change. So after selling it I did the usual scan through the web to see what interesting cars were available out there with particular interest in two cars. […]

A Curtain to Protect Jem’s Mini from Garage Mess

I can make quite alot of mess and dust in the garage especially when doing things like cutting/grinding metal or spraying paint. That mess will just end up all over Jem’s Mini, even if it’s covered up, it can get through and I don’t really want to fill the cover with metal dust when I’m […]