Messing around with cars is purely a hobby. I created this site because it’s a great way of sharing what I do and learn along the way. I hope that it helps people out there whether they are a total novice looking to learn more and gain some confidence to get stuck into something new or an old hand just looking to double check what’s involved with a job they have planned.

Over the past few years, since starting this site and posting what I do on forums, I’ve had some great feedback from some really grateful people out there, some even offering me money. Well running this site does cost me so I thought I’d give anyone who feels that they’d like to help, the chance to donate towards so it can continue to exist and help others.

The link directly below will take you to PayPal to make a 10 USD donation but this is purely a suggestion. If you’d like to donate a different amount please click the second link and enter whatever amount you’d like.