MX5 – Fitting a T304 Stainless Steel eBay Exhaust

The exhaust was not the greatest when we bought the MX5. It consisted of the standard manifold, standard down pipe, some kind of bodged de-cat pipe and a mild steel cat back system that I think was just a cheap pattern replacement part. When we first got the car I did a bit of reshaping […]

MX5 – Clean and QD

The poor old MX5 had gone a long time without a clean as I’d just not had time to do it so it got a proper clean and coat of QD to shine it up when I had some spare time one Sunday morning.   Looks pretty good when it’s clean and shiny.

MX5 – Oil and Filter Change

The supercharging plan may have been on hold while the garage was being finished but the MX5 still needed servicing so this was it’s first ride on the lift!  Usually Jem would be my glamorous assistant but as the Mazda is technically her car and this was just a simple engine oil and filter change […]

MX5 – MOT and Fan Switch

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in July 2016) Was very busy with the garage extension for a few months so playing with cars stopped for ages. Still need to do the odd car job though. Fan switch had died. Found this out while spending some time with the engine running on the drive while […]

MX5 – Handbrake Cable

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) The handbrake stopped working completely. I knew one of the two rear cables was a bit iffy so I bought a replacement.   Both of them were now stuck but I freed the LH one up, the RH one was so stuck I had to cut […]

MX5 – Quick Clean and Polish

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) It had been a while so the MX5 was due some time for a good clean and polish. I quite like it when it’s filthy and looking like a proper used tool but it does clean up pretty well.

MX5 – Dual Throttle Position Sensor

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) I will only need it if/when I get as far as running injectors directly from the DET3 but I thought I’d see what I could do about providing a proper variable TPS for the DET3 while keeping the OEM 3 state TPS for the OEM ECU. […]

MX5 – DET3 Intake Air Temperature Sensor

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) Made some progress with the DET3.  It’s been a bit slow as I’m just taking one step at a time and trying to always give myself a working state to fall back on if things don’t go well with each progression. When I eventually remove the […]

MX5 – ECUMaster DET3 Wiring

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in April 2016) Having received my ECU Master DET3 I then had to figure out how to wire the thing in.  Like I said I couldn’t find any mx5 specific info for wiring a DET3 but there are example wiring diagrams in the DET3 manuals and obviously there’s plenty […]