Evo VI – Rear Trailing Arm Bushes, Ball Joint Boots and ARB Bushes

A while back I spotted the lower rear ball joint boots were looking a bit tired and might not be far from splitting. Obviously not ideal especially with MOT time not far away so I bought some replacements.  While I was doing that I figured I may as well replace the trailing arm bushes with some polyurethane bushes, as I have with most other bushes. The Rear ARB looked a bit untidy too so I thought I’d clean it up and fit some poly bushes for that as well.

Not much life left in it.


Trusty old ball joint splitter


And the other side


ARB bush bracket bolts were a bit tight.


Everything off and ready for new bits.


Firstly had to re-tap the thread in the passenger side arm.  It’s had no bolt in it since I got the car, obviously broken off by someone previously.  Now’s the time to sort it properly though.


Powerflex black bushes fitting.


Old ball joint boot and old grease off. New grease applied.


New boot on.


And the other side.


Time to get everything back on the car.


Much better.  No MOT advisories to be found here!

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