S1 Elise – Diffuser Spacers

Spacing out the diffuser where it mounts to the rear of the clam is not an uncommon modification to an S1 Elise or Exige. It’s usually done as an aid to keeping engine bay temperatures down. Engine bay temperatures aren’t much of a concern with my Elise though as I’m not tracking or racing it and the engine has relatively mild modifications. But I thought I’d space the diffuser out anyhow if only for the looks.

Elise parts do a kit of spacers but I can machine my own up so I did.

Spacers and longer bolts.


There was a layer of foam stuck to the diffuser I guess to prevent rattles and damage to the rear clam paint. This would be visible with the diffuser spaced out so it had to go.


It was well and truly stuck on though and after trying everything I had I eventually got it off.


I made the spacers on the larger side of what’s possible as I thought I could always turn them down if I needed too. They could probbaly do with being a little smaller as when the rear edge of the diffuser is pushed down the front edge is pushed up as the diffuser pivots on the two larger bolts. That shifts the undertray a little out of place and a bit close to the exhaust. Instead of trimming the rear spacer down though I made some more spacers to space the front two mounting points down a bit so the undertray was positioned back to where it started.


One of the spacers in place.


Rear spacer all in place. I think they make the diffuser a bit more prominent and cooler looking.


I might still trim them down a little though, but they’re fine for now. I think I’d like a longer diffuser anyway meaning the spacers might have to go or be reduced quite a bit to prevent it hitting speed bumps.

A couple of pictures after I trimmed down the spacers a little.