Evo VI – Making a Start on Tidying the Engine Bay

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2016)

Something I always thought really needed some work was the engine bay. Too many colours, shiny crap I hate and general untidyness. So I’ve made a start on making it look a bit cleaner.

How it started:

Strut brace ends stripped down.

Shiny front panel rubbed down to prime.

Time for paint


Drying the primer in the greenhouse. Apparently this is an improper use of the greenhouse.

A bit of carbon wrap to go under the logo cut out of the panel.

Got myself some of this gear to wrap some bits of the supercharger setup on the mx5. Thought I’d use some on the evo too.

Looking a bit more tidy but still lots of details to sort out. It needs a proper clean if nothing else!

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