Jem’s Mini – Proper Clean, Polish and Wax

Jem’s Mini had been trapped at the back of the garage the whole time the front was being extended and then stuck in it’s new space while we did all sorts of building work around it, waiting for the new garage door. Although it was covered, it got pretty dusty and messy especially with concrete and wood dust getting through the covers.

So it really needed a good clean, polish and wax to get it back to the state it was before being in the middle of a building site for 6 months and as I was doing the Evo ready for selling it I figured it was time to get the Mini done too.

I try to avoid using the pressure washer on the Mini when it’s not needed as it’s not great for them and there was no real dirt on the Mini, just a lot of dust. So I started with a good hose rinse, not the usual snowfoam, before a careful wash.


With the Mini back in the garage and dry I could get started on getting a nice shine on it again.

A few pictures of the paint before. Pretty good, just needs a little something to add a little more shine.


Autoglym Super Resin to remove anything that might still be stuck after the wash. Then some FinishKare High-Temp Wax with a final layer of Poorboys QD+.


Wax ready to buff off.


Loads of boring applying and buffing and applying and buffing…. Skip to the end.

Some shiny paint.


Safely covered up where it shouldn’t get too dusty now though I have a plan to make sure it stays protected from the mess I tend to make in the rest of the garage 😉 …….

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