S1 Elise – A Quick Polish and Detail Before a Road Trip

We planned a little road trip for the Elise but first it would need a little cosmetic preparation. Some no nonsense Autoglym Super Resin to give the paint a light freshen up and a little protection. Clearly removing a little bit of grime built up on the paint. Super Resin applied. Buffed off to a […]

Jem’s Mini – Proper Clean, Polish and Wax

Jem’s Mini had been trapped at the back of the garage the whole time the front was being extended andΒ then stuck in it’s new space while we did all sorts of building work around it, waiting for the new garage door. Although it was covered, it got pretty dusty and messy especially with concrete and […]

MX5 – Quick Clean and Polish

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) It had been a while so the MX5 was due some time for a good clean and polish. I quite like it when it’s filthy and looking like a proper used tool but it does clean up pretty well.

Evo VI – A Nice Shiny Exhaust Pipe

(First posted on MLR forum in October 2012) The old girl was due her service. AYC clutch bath oil and engine oil from opie oils. Genuine mitsi filter and magnetic sump plug too. kept in my dads garage hence the label. don’t want to find it empty when i come to use it! While changing […]