the garage plan…

When we were house hunting, top of the list of requirements was space for cars. Ideally some decent driveway space and a double garage, or somewhere to build a double garage. When we found our house it ticked all the boxes except for a double garage but the rest of it was so much better than anything else we’d seen we just figured we’d have to save and extend the existing single garage.

Almost as soon as we were in the house we measured up and I started some quick drawings to see what we could do with the space. The aim was to provide space for my wife’s Mini and whatever car I decide to be playing with plus some workshop space. I also have a Mini so if that could fit in with my wife’s Mini and the Evo too that would be great, though it would only be temoprary while I decide what to sell and what to keep long term.

Quick, early drawings



The new footprint laid out to see how it would effect space in the driveway



Though it would require taking down and rebuilding more of the roof, meaning more expense and time, I thought it was worth looking into the possibility of increasing the internal roof height in a section of the roof so I could maybe fit a mid rise lift. With my rough approximation of an Evo I decided it should just be possible.



I produced some drawings for planning permission and building estimates and was granted permission towards then end of 2014.





After speaking to some builders and checking how the Mini would fit in the extra section on the side I made an amendment to the plan to move the wall over to the boundary for a bit of extra space and door opening width.





Roof steels



Truss design



The plan for doors.


Just needs building now…


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