Supercharged MX5 – For Sale – Sold

It’s time to sell the MX5. We bought it on a bit of a whim nearly 3 years ago and it’s been great, never let us down even though it’s 26 years old and I’ve nearly doubled it’s power with the supercharger. We will genuinely be a bit sad to see it go but I […]

MX5 – New Supercharger Belt, Spark Plugs and Oil Change

Nothing too exciting but good to document. The belt I first got for driving the supercharger was the cheapest I could find at the time in case it was the wrong length. It had also had a pretty hard time in the early days of running the supercharger while I got the pulleys lined up […]

MX5 – Supercharger Build Finished

I think it might be finished or at least as finished as any project can be. I had a bit of a move around of gauges inside. I found having the wideband gauge low down a bit of a problem when trying to catch a look at it to keep an eye on fueling while […]

MX5 – Recirculating Dump Valve Problem

When I built the supercharger setup I decided to use a cheap recirculating single piston dump valve to vent boost when coming off the throttle and stop the charger boosting at idle. I chose this over a buttefly valve as fitted to the original Mini supercharger setup for two reasons. Firstly the dump valve was […]

MX5 – Time to get the Supercharger back on

Having got the garage done and the Evo ready for sale I could finally get back to the the MX5 supercharging project I almost finished last year but just ran out of time. So I got everything out of storage in the roof of the garage and tried to remember how I’d put it all […]

MX5 – Tyre Rotating and Wear Check

Pretty much what the title says really. Not too exciting but one of the little jobs I tend to do as I prefer to finish a set of 4 tyres together so I can buy a full set when it’s replacement time and it’s a nice way of checking the wheel alignment is OK. If […]

MX5 – Clean and QD

The poor old MX5 had gone a long time without a clean as I’d just not had time to do it so it got a proper clean and coat of QD to shine it up when I had some spare time one Sunday morning.   Looks pretty good when it’s clean and shiny.

MX5 – Quick Clean and Polish

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2016) It had been a while so the MX5 was due some time for a good clean and polish. I quite like it when it’s filthy and looking like a proper used tool but it does clean up pretty well.