S1 Elise – Damaged Fuse Box Wiring Repair

As part of the dismantling for the Elise’s suspension refresh I removed the wheel arch liners. Removing the fuse box from the liner was, predictably, a bit of a fight as the fixings were rusted stuck, see here for some about that. But it was worth the effort as it meant I discovered some wiring that had been rubbing and was wearing through.

The fuse box fixings cut off.



Where the wire had been rubbing.


The damage to the wiring.


After a closer inspection of the wiring I could see the thicker wire had survived with the only damage being to the insulation so the best thing I could think to do was just wrap it with some insulation tape and make sure it doesn’t rub against anything again.

The thinner wire had not fared so well though and there was only 2 or 3 strands still remaining. So I had to make a repair section and solder it in.


I have a selection of old car wiring loom taken from various donor cars over the years as there’s usually something very close if not the same in colour and gauge that I can use for a repair like this or wiring an ECU etc. Keeping track of what you’ve done is much easier if you don’t start switching colours for things!


Not a perfect match in colour but no too bad, not that it really matters for such a short repair.


A short section cut and tinned.


The damaged section removed.


Repair soldered in with some heat shrink over it.


Fitted back in place with some foam now between the wire and car body.


New stainless bolts, washers and nyloc nuts from the underside of the arch liner.