Evo VI – Performance Friction Brake Pads

(First posted on MLR forum in October 2015)

While undersealing the front end of the Evo I had a quick look around the suspension and brakes as I tend to do fairly regularly. I noticed one of the pads didn’t look great so I pulled it out to find it was in two pieces!  They’re only standard Mintex pads but I’ve found them to do pretty well on the road for the various cars I’ve owned. Maybe time for an upgrade on the Evo though.


So I ordered these. Not cheap but they get very good reviews from everyone on the MLR forum so I went for some.


They certainly do their job, give a good pedal feel and don’t seem to vary in performance at all. They should last well too. They have been a bit squeaky now and then. Not when cold or properly warmed up just somewhere between which I haven’t experienced before. This has reduced as I’ve put more miles on them though.

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