MX5 – Supercharger Gaskets and Mounting Brackets Tidy Up

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in February 2016)

The tensioner plate needed a bit of tweaking to get it sitting right so the belt didn’t want to run off the idle pulley but once I’d got that aligned right and was happy it would work I tidied it up a bit so it looks a bit less like I’d just hacked it out of some scrap ali I found.  :lol:

Gave everything a couple of coats of paint too.


The back with the plate thinned at the two furthest left, when fitted, mounting points.  Would have liked to have done it with a mill but I don’t have access to one so I used a new grinding disc on the angle grinder and went carefully, regularly checking the thickness was staying even. Seems to have done the job just fine.




A nice coat of paint makes all the difference.


Bought a selection of gasket paper to seal the supercharger inlet and outlet and throttle body along with a bit of black sealant where required.



Should keep everything leak free.

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