Evo VI – Major Oil Service – Engine, Gearbox, Transfer Box, Rear Differential and AYC

The Evo was due a change of all oils, that’s engine, gearbox, transfer box, differential and AYC.  So I placed an order with Opie Oils as usual.  They’ve certainly earned a few quid out of me over the years and this occasion was no different but it’s not worth being cheap when it comes to oils. These Millers oils come recommended by plenty of MLR members. Genuine Mitsubishi oil filter too.


Evo up!


Engine oil out


Evo down, oil in.


Evo up again and on to the gearbox and transfer box


This pump is well worth having. My brother bought it ages ago, I think to remove and refill the oil in some Merc gearbox that was supposed to be filled for life so couldn’t easily be drained. It has found a home in my garage now as he doesn’t really mess about with cars any more.


Same again at the rear diff


And now the AYC clutch bath oil.  This big syringe came as part of a kit for replacing oil in the Eaton M45 supercharger I’m fitting to the MX5.  Worked perfectly for this too.


You’ll notice the drain plug is still out. Not much goes in here so I have plenty more than I need. May as well flush a bit through to be sure all the old is drained.  This is the important AYC oil to change regularly as it’s what the clutches sit in. If it gets old/dirty it makes the diff make donkey noises as the AYC operates. Nobody wants that!


So that’s it all oils done.  Makes no difference to anything other than knowing it’s still all tip top and the new oils will help keep it that way for plenty longer.


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