Evo VI – Headlight Wiring and Philips X-treme Vision Bulbs

On a couple of occasions I noticed the passenger side headlight not working. It was an intermittent problem so not a simple bulb failure.

Eventually got round to looking at it properly and found the plug that fits onto the H4 bulb was not too great.  It had clearly had a bad connection for some time as the top connector was quite corroded. This must have caused it to get quite hot, melting the plastic.


I ordered a new connector kit for a few quid. While I was at it I got some better bulbs too. These Philips X-tremeVision bulbs seem to be quite popular and do give a slightly brighter beam.


A quick bit of soldering


and the new plug is done. I was going to do the other side too but it’s in perfect condition so there’s no point.


New and old bulbs


These three pictures show the new bulb fitted to the passenger side headlight (right as we look at it). I’d say the difference in colour and brightness is noticeable.


So I got the other bulb swapped, happy my night vision should now be a bit better.

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