S1 Elise – Spark Plugs

Time for some new spark plugs. A set of NGK PFR6N-11 Engine cover off Blow out all the filth with the air line. Old plugs coming out. Old ones out with new ones ready to go in. But before that. A quick check of compression in all cylinders. Also a quick check of the plug […]

S1 Elise – Wheel Decals

Some new centre cap decals as the existing ones were a mess. Untidy looking. Can’t leave them like that. Much better. Wheels need a clean though….. Thought I’d add some decals to the spokes too. I measured out and used masking tape to make a guide for fitting the decal. I marked around the guide […]

S1 Elise – Making a Front Splitter

I’ve never done this before so not entirely sure how I was going to do it or how it would look but fancied a go at making a ‘race style’ splitter for the front of the Elise while being prepared to get it wrong or not like the result so here goes… I really like […]

S1 Elise – Steering Rack Raiser Plates

As with any car, when the ride height is changed the suspension and steering geometry will be effected. I have set the Elise ride height a bit lower than standard and though I’ve done a full alignment including the front camber and toe. This doesn’t do anything to compensate for the hubs having effectively been […]

S1 Elise – Big Diffuser

The Elise already had a longer than standard diffuser but it wasn’t longer enough for me… This is how the one on it looked. And this is the bigger one I got, with 6 fins too. Old and new compared. A layer of some protection applied before fitting. Some stainless and rubber washers. Front edge […]

S1 Elise – Windscreen Sunstrip

The Elise is a summer use car and just occassionally in the UK the sun comes out in the summer. What the Elise lacks is some sun visors. So an option is a sunstrip and I quite like the sort of race look of them so gave one a go. Proper clean of the screen […]

For Sale – Sold – Prodrive GC 010E Wheels 18 x 7.5 ET47 PCD 5 x 100

Prodrive GC-010E Wheels18″ x 7.5″Offset: ET47PCD: 5 x 100Centre bore: 73.1mmTyres: 225/45 R18 Falken Ziex ZE914 These are forged Prodrive GC-010E wheels. They have both Prodrive and Bridgestone branding on them, though from what I’ve read, these were manufactured by Rays in Japan. So quite a list of brand names to be associated with a […]

For Sale – Subaru Forester STI – Sold

For Sale Subaru Forester STI SG9367 bhpWorld Rally Blue O2CMOT until 15 October 2022Mileage 91733 miles. (Current odometer reading of 126973 is a mix of km and miles, see below for correct calculation.)Imported from Japan in Sept 2015Toad CAT 1 Alarm and Immobiliser professionally fitted with certificate and 2 key fobsDinitrol stonechip coating and cavity […]

Forester STI – Rear Bumper Paint

The rear bumper had been painted at some time prior to my ownership. It wasn’t the best job and some paint had started to lift in a few places. It didn’t jump out as being too obvious and nobody noticed until I pointed it out. But I always figured I’d get it repainted properly sometime. […]