Forester STI – MeisterR Zeta CRD Coilovers

While I didn’t have a major problem with ride and handling on the OEM STI springs and inverted dampers (the stiffer rear ARB and subframe locking bolts really helped, see here and here) and I didn’t mind the STI ride height with the Prodrive GC-010E wheels either. But with the Rota Grid Drifts, the standard […]

Evo VI – Caster Angle Check

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) After spending a while tweaking the ride height and camber of the new coilovers I thought I’d check the caster to make sure everything is as it should be. The mount for the camber caster gauge is magnetic so I made some steel plates and extended wheel […]

Evo VI – Fitting the MeisterR Coilovers

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2015) Before fitting I covered the threads in copper grease and wound the rings and perch up and down a few times then set the pretension on the springs. Covers fitted and adjusters protected from damage during fitting. One of the rear strut mounts. No major rust, just […]

Evo VI – Which Coilovers to Buy?

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2015) I’d been thinking of changing the Tein coilovers for something different for a while as they always felt a bit ‘crashy’ and were pretty old. So I spent some time reading MLR and other forums about various options such as going back to original springs and dampers, […]

Evo VI – Replacement Coilover Spring Perches

(First posted on MLR forum in May 2014) I wanted to adjust the ride heights but the spring seats and lock rings on the Tein coilovers were not in the best condition. So i thought I’d machine some replacements that should last a lot longer than the original Tein parts. one underway… all 4 for […]

Evo VI – Homemade Coilover Covers

(First posted on MLR forum in September 2013) It’s been a while, I’ve been busy getting married and house hunting but I’ve still found time to play with the Evo I’ve done various things and I’ll slowly catch up with pictures just in case anyone’s interested but mainly it’s a nice diary for myself and […]