Forester STI – Cavity Wax and Full Underside Wax Treatment

With the Dinitrol Super Protect 447 applied, next I could deal with protecting the body shell and subframe cavities. I could also apply a layer of wax to the whole underside. There wouldn’t be much point in me putting in all this time and effort to protect the outer surfaces of the body shell and […]

Forester STI – Dinitrol Protect Super 447 Anti Stonechip Coating

So the underside of the Forester has been cleaned, stripped of bits of trim and some suspension and anything I didn’t remove that I don’t want to spray has been masked. It’s finally time to start spraying the Dinitrol Protect Super 447 Anti Stonechip layer. But before I got started I took some pictures of […]

Forester STI – Pre ‘Undersealing’ Strip Down

After thoroughly cleaning the underside anywhere I could with a pressure washer and allowing everything to dry out. Now it was time to get the car up on the lift and start removing any plastic trims and some suspension parts that would make the job of spraying the protective coatings easier and more effective. This […]

MX5 – Rust Prevension Part 2

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2015) Like I said, the rear needed the same treatment as the front so out came my wire brushes, chisels etc again. Fortunately it doesn’t need too much doing though. Β These pics show why I bought this particular car as none of the others I saw looked […]

MX5 – Rust Prevension

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in May 2015) Having managed to find an early mk1 in such good condition underneath I thought I’d better make an effort to keep it that way so got my wire brushes and chisels out to remove any loose paint or surface rust anywhere I could find it. Β I […]