Forester STI – Wales Road Trip and EVO Triangle

We thought we should do a road trip in the Forester. Wales is somehwere we hadn’t really driven round much before plus it’s where the famous ‘EVO Triangle’ is, so we figured we’d better go stay there for a week and check it out. After a good clean the day before, we packed our stuff […]

S1 Elise – Norfolk Road Trip and Lotus Factory Tour

Jem and I wanted to go for a long weekend away now the weather was nice and the Elise really deserved a road trip as the suspension refresh was all finished. We weren’t quite sure where to go, the Scottish Highlands are usually top of the list as it’s so quiet there and the roads […]

Evo VI – Road Trip Around The Lake District

With the main construction of the garage finished, meaning the rest of the work was just down to us, we thought we’d have a late summer holiday. The few months of total lack of spare time and constant disruption meant we could really do with a break. We’d been invited to a wedding we’d have […]

MX5 – Cornwall Road Trip

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in February 2016) Jem and I wanted to do a trip around Cornwall and thought the Mazda would be perfect for that so we booked a trip staying in various different places for a few nights at the beginning of October. Unfortunately we had to postpone the trip and ended […]

Evo VI -Road Trip to the Scottish Highlands

(First posted on MLR forum in October 2014) Jem and I thought we’d like to go away for our first anniversary and, as we did a driving holiday for our honeymoon, we figured another driving holiday would be great. We took my Scooby to Scotland a few years ago and always wanted to go back […]