S1 Elise – New Cobra Key Fob Surround

One of the Cobra alarm key fobs was looking pretty ropey. It’s something you have to carry around with you and it’s so cheap and easy to deal with I don’t know why people put up with crappy old ones. Yukky brown thing with a cable tie replacing the long since broken rubber and a […]

S1 Elise – Front Ball Joint Replacement

The brake caliper needs to come off first, starting with the clamp for the brake hose. Then the two caliper bolts. With the disc off too next was the disc shield. As expected, the bolts were not keen on coming out. After cutting a slot in the head of the bolts I used my drill […]

MX5 – Exedy Clutch Upgrade

As far as I knew the clutch in the MX5 was nothing special. It had clearly been replaced at some point but I had no idea what with or how long ago. So I knew there was a chance it might not be able to handle the additional torque the supercharger setup was going to […]

Evo VI – New Lash Adjusters

(First posted on MLR forum in April 2014) After previously removing and cleaning the original lash adjusters it really improved the common problem of top end tapping but eventually it came back so i bought some replacement lash adjusters and fitted them along with a service. i also bought a proper tool for the job […]