S1 Elise – Boot Bag Clean

While the Elise was parked up over winter I occasionally turned the engine over without starting it to keep things oiled and prevent the same valve springs being compressed for a long period. To turn the engine over without it starting I went into the boot and behind the boot bag to remove the fuel […]

S1 Elise – Cleaning and Refitting the Undertray and Diffuser

While I had both front and rear undertrays and the diffuser off I thought I’d give them a quick clean. The rear undertray was pretty filthy! The Union Flag decals, fitted by a previous owner, were looking pretty untidy now too so I got rid. I have something different to go in their place. Mid […]

Forester STI – Big Interior Clean

As far as I can tell car interiors almost never get cleaned properly. This car was no different. It wasn’t that it had been untouched, it was nice and clean looking in general, the problem was just when you look a bit harder and in the areas that collect dirt and never normally see the […]

Evo VI – Engine Bay Clean

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2016) Firstly I gave the exterior a clean with my new birthday present. Then, for some reason I decided to look under the doors. Β Yes, I cleaned the underneath of the doors. Now it’s time to clean the engine bay! Filth. There’s white paint behind there Getting there […]

Evo VI – Details Details

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) Another little job I did because it had been bugging me for a while. Dirt collected in the fuel filler flap and the flap wasn’t quite straight as the panel gaps were’t even all round. So I took it off. much better clean and now it has […]