Forester STI – New Front Discs and Pads

I could see it was likely the front pads were going to need replacing before I bought the car and sure enough when I got the car home and gave it an all over inspection I found the previous owners had certainly got their money’s worth! I also measured the disc thickness to compare with […]

Forester STI – How to Repair Brembo Caliper Threads

As I showed in my last post, when I replaced a rear wheel stud, Brembo calipers can cause problems when it comes to removing them. This is because they are an aluminium alloy and they are bolted with steel bolts. Galvanic corrosion happens between the two different metals which weakens the aluminium and it sort […]

MX5 – ATE TYP200 Brake Fluid

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in February 2016) The evo was long overdue a full brake fluid change so I thought i’d do the mazda while i was at it. Β It’s one of those jobs that often gets overlooked so I expect it was over due too. What came out was pretty yuk Couple […]