S1 Elise – Window Adjustment

The passenger window didn’t fully close at the front edge with the hardtop on and the door already shut. If you closed the window before shutting the door it was fine but it’s a bit of a pain having to remember to do that before washing the car. So I thought I’d see if there was any adjustment room in the window mechanism to maybe get the window shutting a bit better with the door closed.

There’s a very helpful guide here so I knew what bits to be adjusting to get the glass in a slightly better position.

Inner door panel removed, plastic peeled back and winder reattached.


This bolt was a little loose, as the guide says it might be, so I nipped it up.


First I slackened the two stops that dictate the maximum height the window can go.


With those loose I then spent some time adjusting this sort of cam stop that dictates how far the mechanism can be wound to close the window. I did this a few times until I’d got the glass winding up as far as it could without it hitting the hardtop.


After getting this set right I set the two window stops I’d previously loosened to stop the glass from being able to be lifted any further than the mechanism could wind it.

Then finally I slackened the front screws on the underside of the door to get a little more inward tilt at the front edge of the window before re-tightening them.


There are also adjustment screws at the rear of the underside of the door but I was happy I’d made an improvement by this point so didn’t make any adjustment to these. The adjustment screws:


Finally I got it all back together to hopefully not have to fiddle with again.