MX5 – Crank Oil Seal Replacement

Well running the supercharger highlighted a problem with oil leaking past the front crank oil seal. Obviously this is not what you want to see arriving under any car though fairly normal for a classic Mini! 😉 This job is basically a timing belt change with the added step of swapping the oil seal. As […]

MX5 – Gearbox, Turret and Diff Oils

(First posted on MX5 nutz forum in July 2015) Got myself all the oils for the gearbox, turret and diff.  The cost of all the oils for the MX5 is a third of the cost of doing all the Evo oils!  This Mazda gets more and more appealing.   Turret first.  Got a new boot […]

Evo VI – Shiny gearknob and Oils Service

(First posted on MLR forum in February 2013) been playing with other cars, mainly my girlfriends Mini, but got some stuff done to the evo too….. hated the look and mostly feel of the original gear knob so got a new one. wish i’d done it ages ago! Decembers 6 month 3k service. this is […]