Jem’s Mini – Injection Inlet Manifold Water Leak

Well the heater matrix pipes weren’t the only thing to suffer corrosion in the cooling system. While I was under the car having a usual nose around I spotted some water where it shouldn’t be and eventually decided it could only be coming from the back of the inlet manifold though I wasn’t quite sure […]

Jem’s Mini – Heater Matrix Water Leak

I got a lot of work done to Jem’s Mini a few years ago in replacing and repairing the inner and outer sills on both sides and welding some repairs in a couple of other areas but since then I’ve just done the bare minimum of a general check with the odd small job prior […]

MX5 – Crank Oil Seal Replacement

Well running the supercharger highlighted a problem with oil leaking past the front crank oil seal. Obviously this is not what you want to see arriving under any car though fairly normal for a classic Mini! πŸ˜‰ This job is basically a timing belt change with the added step of swapping the oil seal. As […]

Evo VI – Boost Leak Check

(First posted on MLR forum in April 2014) Thought it’d be a good plan to do a boost leak check. So I machined up a bung to fit in the turbo inlet that would allow me to connect the compressor via a tyre valve. using some washing liquid in water i put it everywhere to […]