S1 Elise – Quick Wheel Alignment Check

Having replaced the rods and rod ends of the rear toe links and the track rod ends on the steering it was certainly worth a quick check of the wheel alignment. Plus I don’t know exactly when it was last done or how it was set so I wanted to find out how things were […]

Evo VI – Camber / Caster and Final Ride Height

(First posted on MLR forum in July 2015) After spending a while tweaking the ride height and camber of the new coilovers I thought I’d check the caster to make sure everything is as it should be. The mount for the camber caster gauge is magnetic so I made some steel plates and extended wheel […]

Evo VI – Do It Yourself Wheel Alignment

(First posted on MLR forum in May 2014) So after pulling the suspension apart to do the poly bushes, especially as the new ones adjust the caster, I went round and did the wheel alignment the old school way. Also, as a nice surprise, the rear tracking adjustment bolts came free really easy tools:   […]

Evo VI – Quick Wheel Alignment Check

(First posted on MLR forum in March 2012) After fitting new rear lower bushes I thought I should check the geo. I figured it would also be worth checking and adjusting the front camber as it has been fitted with Tein camber brackets. camber caster gauge using the gauge i set the fronts to -1.5 […]