Forester STI – How to Repair Brembo Caliper Threads

As I showed in my last post, when I replaced a rear wheel stud, Brembo calipers can cause problems when it comes to removing them. This is because they are an aluminium alloy and they are bolted with steel bolts. Galvanic corrosion happens between the two different metals which weakens the aluminium and it sort […]

Forester STI – Replacing a Rear Wheel Stud

When I took the wheels off for the first time I was a bit disappointing to find a broken wheel stud. There was enough of the stud left to screw the wheel nut on but not really enough to tighten it up properly. After a bit of research I found that this isn’t that uncommon […]

Jem’s Mini – Injection Inlet Manifold Water Leak

Well the heater matrix pipes weren’t the only thing to suffer corrosion in the cooling system. While I was under the car having a usual nose around I spotted some water where it shouldn’t be and eventually decided it could only be coming from the back of the inlet manifold though I wasn’t quite sure […]